Our Beers

Our bottled beers have been approved by CAMRA to carry this logo:

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, supports real ale in a bottle. This is the next best thing, and the bottled equivalent, to the draught real ales you can enjoy at the pub.

CAMRA has launched a logo “CAMRA says this is real ale” to clearly identify products that are the real thing: natural, living, bottle-conditioned beers. It is important to note that some cask-conditioned real ales do not undergo secondary fermentation once bottled. We hope that this logo will be able to clearly identify real ale in a bottle.

Increasingly you will see this logo appear on bottle labels of bottle-conditioned products. When you see this logo you can be sure that you are drinking real ale in a bottle.

Real ale in a bottle is unpasteurised and is not artificially carbonated. It is a natural live product which contains yeast for a slow secondary fermentation in the bottle. This process provides wonderful fresh flavours and a pleasant, natural effervescence.

See: http://www.camra.org.uk/raib


Ropetackle Gold - 3.7% ABV

A light, refreshing golden ale, exciting on the palette. Initial sweetness and delicate aroma is balanced by a drier finish. It can appeal to habitual lager drinkers as a first step into the real ale world.

Chillinger Gold - 3.7% ABV

A light golden refreshing chilli ale with a taste of root ginger. Its initial sweetness is counterbalanced by the chilli and delicate ginger which continues to a dry finish

Hop Token: Amarillo - 4% ABV

Hop Token: Amarillo is an amber-coloured bitter showcasing the Amarillo hop. The aroma is described as flowery, spicy and citrus-like, more specifically you can detect hints of peach and grapefruit. the hoppiness carries over into the taste, together with notes of toffee, malt and grapefruit.

Hop Token: Citra - 4% ABV

An amber-coloured bitter showcasing the Citra hop. With zest of lime, citrus & tropical fruits: peach, apricot, passion fruit, lychee, pineapple, papaya & mango - a veritable fruit salad, with notes of toffee and malt - giving a long finish.

Hop Token: Summit - 4% ABV

An amber-coloured bitter showcasing the Summit hop. The aroma includes hints of tangerine orange and grapefruit carrying over into the taste which, including notes of toffee and malt leads to a long bitter finish

Velocity - 4.4% ABV

A traditional English bitter with a fresh flavour at the lower end of the bitterness scale. We add a handful of the ruinously expensive German Hallertauer hops just before the beer is fermented and the result has excellent aroma and just a hint of an old-fashioned marmalade.

Black William - 5% ABV

A rich black coloured stout with a creamy head. Powered by Target hops, it is in the middle of the bitterness scale and contains a very high proportion of chocolate malt that contributes to the dark chocolate aroma and roasted flavours.

Robbie's Red - 5.2% ABV

A strong red-brown ale. Slight initial sweetness leads to complex flavours including smoky orange peel and a satisfying bitterness persists into a long finish.

Happy Ever After - 5.2% ABV

A celebration ale originally brewed for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which took place on Friday April 29th 2011. Happy Ever After is an intensely hoppy bitter with a hint of Seville oranges leading to a long herbal finish.

Steyning Special - 5.5% ABV

Steyning Special is a strong, slightly spicy and lightly hopped ale reminiscent of those of the Edwardian era. It has a bitterness characteristic of English ales, leading to a long finish.

Merry Andrew - 6.2% ABV

A dark strong ale with a creamy head. Initial sweetness with hints of chocolate are balanced by a drier middle and end. Comments received include: "A dark, smooth beer with fruity flavours and a bitter finish" "SmeIls good and tastes very good -very, very moreish" "Punching above its weight."

Very Merry Andrew - 9.2% ABV

Initial sweetness & strong flavour this dark, very strong, slightly bitter & mildly hopped ale is like Merry Andrew on steroids. With a pronounced warming malty character, it is best sipped. Due to the way the yeast operates at high abc, each batch is unique,